Philly Pride

As Philadelphians dig out from beneath 24 + 18 inches (two blizzards’ worth) of heavy snow, local letterpress mavens, Louella Press, have released these beautiful, limited edition Neighborhood Prints ($25 each). The first is inspired by stops along the R5, which meanders through Philadelphia’s Main Line…..
safe_image-1.php And the second by the charming/gritty/electic nabes that surround Center City and inspire fierce devotion from those who know and love them …..
safe_image.php Collect them both along with Ork Posters’ Philadelphia Neighborhood Poster ($22) for a wall that says, “I’m a fan of typography; I heart design; and I know better than to ever call Philadelphia ‘the sixth borough’!”
[photos from Louella Press’ etsy shop and]

4 Responses to “Philly Pride”

  1. These are great! I love the bottom print. (Kensington is missing in the second one!)

  2. alexis says:

    what a beautiful way to show philadelphia pride. I’d much prefer this design on a t-shirt over an eagles or philly logo!

  3. […] Design-Phan’s got mad love for Louella Press, and for good reason. Check out their limited edition Philly Neighborhood Prints. You’ve never seen typography look so […]

  4. Emm says:

    The are amazing! I love typography at it’s best. It has a special meaning!
    check out my blog?

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