(content strategy, editorial direction, writing + editing)

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  • CTiger_BG_Sample__0001_Web-Device (content strategy, editorial direction, writing + editing)

Bresslergroup’s new website launched in September 2015 and replaced the company’s former digital presence of one main site and four micro-sites. As senior content strategist, I collaborated with stakeholders and the rest of the project team to align the company’s Web presence with its refreshed branding and expertise in user-centered design.

I created user personas for various audience types and worked with the rest of the team to map the new site’s architecture. I strategized how to reduce the amount of content from five websites to one that communicates the Bresslergroup brand more clearly and concisely. This included collaborating with the Creative Director and company stakeholders to develop new language for the company’s areas of expertise and verticals.

I developed a more personable editorial voice to reflect the company’s new brand personality. I also either wrote or edited all of the new content, with help from an indispensable team of freelancers. I worked with an SEO consultant to come up with a new keyword and SEO strategy and to make sure we didn’t slip in the rankings for the holdover terms.