Books (editorial development, writing + editing)

I’ve authored many books (a few are pictured above), ghostwritten some, and helped several clients develop book proposals and book chapters, ushering them through the publication process. To do so, I lean on my background as an acquisitions and developmental editor.

Some that feature my byline include How To Behave (Quirk, 2004 and 2011), How To Behave: Dating & Sex (Quirk, 2006), The Long Distance Relationship Guide (Quirk, 2007), and the Newlywed’s Instruction Manual (Quirk, 2009).

My Quirk books have been translated into many languages, including French, Mandarin, and Portuguese. Many were reviewed favorably, and some are still in print. (My favorite review for “How To Behave”: “Even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and again. And sometimes among the little advice books, there’s one that actually has useful advice.” Thanks, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.)

I’m also the author of City Walks: Philadelphia (Chronicle Books, 2009); biographies of Isamu Noguchi and Margaret Cho for the young adult market (Chelsea House, 2005-2006); and General Howe’s Dog (Chamberlain Bros, 2005), a fascinating true tale and a fun one to promote — I became a regular at Revolutionary War reenactments and got to speak at a symposium at Mount Vernon.  My writing has appeared in more books, including Build: Manufacturing Education (Industrial Design at Philadelphia University); and a gaggle of Fodor’s guides to Philadelphia.